Of Lamas and monasteries, butter tea and gently grunting yaks, there’s much more to Ladakh than just spectacular scenery and deep blue lakes. Though made famous by the odd Bollywood movie every now and then, most of Ladakh still remains largely unexplored. un[travel] Ladakh for its gompas and stupas, for walking to the turquoise Indus as it meets the muddy Zanskar and for its lovely silences that just don’t need to be filled. Spend a morning in prayer with monks at Thiksey or go horse riding beside Pangong Tso and come back with equally memorable photographs. Visit Ladakh to experience serenity and loneliness in a vast cold barren desert, to tick off an item on your bucket list, or just because seeing is believing.

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Ladakh In Short

Luxury of time has become a rare component with the increasing workload these days. Well, that doesn't mean you give up on your Ladakh dream. Sweeping valleys, barren mountains, blue lakes and age old monasteries; Ladakh is a traveller's dream destination. Come, un[travel] Ladakh and experience the valley in the shortest time possible. Drive to one of the world's highest motorable pass, visit the mountain-engulfed monasteries and soak the beauty of the blue waters of a high altitude lake; the best of Ladakh, crafted to fulfil your wanderlust cravings and curated to fit into one small itinerary.

5 Days | INR 9500 per person

A Week In Ladakh

Over high passes, lies some of Ladakh's most beautiful valleys, which along with the region around Leh make for some stunning views. How much time, you ask? Well, grab a week and we show you some of the best of what Ladakh has to offer. Witness the ancient monasteries perched on solitary hills, the blue shades of Pangong, the high pass of Khardung-La, the sand dunes of Hunder in Nubra valley and the hot springs of Panamik. Distances are incredible, but under the blue skies and through sweeping valleys, you keep yearning for more. un[travel] the glorious valleys of Ladakh in just a week's time.

7 Days | INR 14500 per person

Offbeat Ladakh

Ladakh isn't a series of paintings hung up on a wall to be adored and taken snapshots of. Ladakh has to be felt, has to be experienced beyond sightseeing and the sound of the shutter of cameras. Get drenched in its waters, walk through the shores of its lakes, hike to its remote villages, cycle down from its highest passes and witness true spirituality at the morning prayers of its revered monasteries. un[travel] through the soul of Ladakh and make it a part of your being.

8 Days | INR 22700 per person

Trans Himalayan Ladakh Safari Via Manali And Srinagar

Getting into Ladakh wasn't easy; mighty snowed-in passes, unforgiving rivers, landslides and long distances made it difficult to foray into the valleys. It has become a lot simpler since the opening up of the Leh Airport for civilian aircrafts. But the feeling of making your way into Ladakh through its treacherous yet rewarding roads is unparalleled. The changing landscape after every few kilometres never lets you doze off and fills you with awe. Starting from Manali, entering Ladakh and ending at Srinagar is one of the most splendid road journeys you can make in India. Spend night in comfortable tents under the stars as you make your way into Leh. Witness the ancient monasteries perched on solitary hills, the blue shades of Pangong, the high pass of Khardung-La, the sand dunes of Hunder in Nubra valley and the hot springs of Panamik. Rafting in the Zanskar fulfils your thirst for adventure in this pristine place. un[travel] Ladakh the way it's meant to be.

11 Days | INR 28000 per person

Zanskar Odyssey

The region of Ladakh is quite accessible now and this has resulted in the tourists visiting the region to swell in numbers. However, the region of Zanskar still sees a very few number of tourists owing to the connectivity. This has helped Zanskar to work on a sustainable model for tourism and remains the last Shangri La in the region. The moon-like landscape coupled with ancient monasteries, authentic homestays and great hiking experiences makes Zanskar a fairy-tale destination for the conscious traveller.

10 Days | INR 28500 per person

Winter In Ladakh

Forget all the azure shade pictures of Ladakh that keeps popping up across various sites and your social media feed. Welcome to the extreme offbeat season of Ladakh. It’s officially winter time and Ladakh is put to sleep with a blanket of white. There’s a quiet on the road, the lakes have frozen and are still, the brown slopes of the surrounding mountains are hardly visible and the tourists have vanished. It’s a completely different feeling and a new way to look at Ladakh – secluded and peaceful. This winter journey takes you across the Khardung La to Nubra and as far as the last village of India, Turtuk. You get to see the frozen Pangong Tso and the Ancient monasteries of Hemis and Thiksey. Come see Ladakh in monochrome.

7 Days | INR 14900 per person

Snow Leopard Expedition

‘Ghosts of the mountain’ they are called. Elusive but ferocious, they rule the higher reaches of the Himalayas. This trip offers an excellent chance of spotting snow leopards in their natural habitat. The stark mountains of Ladakh towards the North West of India are its most famous hunting grounds. With less than 2 people per square kilometre, Ladakh is truly remote and very sparsely populated. Buddhists of Tibetan origin, in their small mud huts, are the only few people you’ll come across while you are on the trail of the snow leopard. Domestic yaks, horses and goats graze the sparse vegetation by day, but every evening they must return to fenced enclosures to avoid nocturnal predation by the omni-present snow leopards and wolves. Camping in remove valleys across the length of this expedition will be as exciting as following the trail of the ghost cat.

12 Days | INR 89000 per person

Ladakh - The Apricot Country

The apricot flower bloom signifies the onset of summer after the long and harsh winter of Ladakh. During this period, settlements in the western belt of Ladakh especially areas of Kargil are covered with a white sheet of flowers. It is probably the most beautiful time of the year but only lasts for about two weeks towards the end of April and beginning of May. Kargil boasts of the highest production of superior quality apricots across the Indian Himalayas. This tour is a series of easy and scenic walks through the most beautiful apricot farming villages and will let you indulge in authentic rural experiences.

9 Days | INR 35700 per person

Ladakh Group Departures 2021

Our trips focus on giving you an experiential trip to Ladakh, where you get to live with the locals, and understand their culture and heritage.

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11 Days | INR 19900 per person

Best time to Visit

The best time to visit would be between mid June to mid September. The high, snow-bound passes remain open and temperatures are pleasant enough for a couple of hours without a sweater.

Expect regular snowfall intervals by the end of October right through to March. Winters, however, are harsh with most places inaccessible thanks to abundant snow. The Pangong Tso freezes over and you can almost walk over it. You’ll have the streets of Leh just to yourself.

How to reach


  • Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport in Leh

This small airport remains open throughout the year as a base for the Indian Air Force


  • Jammu-Tawi Railway Station - 706 km from Leh

Ladakh’s rough terrain makes it unsuitable efficient rail connectivity


  • Leh to Srinagar - 415 km
  • Leh to Manali - 482 km

Routes are accessible only in summer months